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We are experienced business lawyers helping business owners and high-earning individuals mediate the terms of their divorce.
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Are you a business owner going through divorce? You may be worried about going to court, the cost of hiring an attorney, or whether you will receive a fair and equitable result.

Those feelings are normal.

We provide the resources, tools and experience you need to get divorced on your own terms without going to court.

"Wonderful way to amicably resolve a divorce without unnecessary stress."

Ashley H.

Mediation, Not Litigation

Taking your spouse to court might cause the terms of your divorce to slip out of your control. Your property, investments, and business may be divided by the court without your input. These issues can, and should, be determined by you and your spouse together. Take control and mediate the terms of your divorce with online or in-person divorce mediation services from BOP.

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My ex and I were able to divorce peacefully and amicably. Before mediation we were planning to split our business, with mediation we decided it would actually be possible and even best for us and the business to continue running it together. We could never have anticipated that we could work together after the divorce, but mediation and Bop Services helped us navigate and our business is doing better than ever.

Ashley H.

Create a fair and equitable divorce settlement on your own terms.

Keep your divorce out of court and out of the public eye.

Decide what is best for your children and your future.

Why Choose BOP Services?

We provide the resources, insights, and tools you need to successfully navigate divorce without going to court.
We are business attorneys focused on helping high net worth business owners protect their interests during divorce.
We take a high-touch approach to client relationships, meaning we are there for you when you need us the most.
We help you mediate a settlement that protects your home, your business, and your children.
Get started with free resources from the comfort of your home. No attorneys fees. No obligation.

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