Terms of Use

Definitions. On this website, the following Terms have the following meanings:

“You” and “Your” refer to the reader or the user of any Website Information (as defined below), and to any person or entity that the user or reader may represent or act for, as the context may provide.

“Bop” means any or all of Bop Services, LLC, its entity members, and their individual mediators, attorneys, paralegals, and staff, either individually or collectively, as the context may provide.

“We,” “Us,” and “Our” refer to the Bop, as defined above.

Bop Services, LLC. is not a law firm and does not enter into attorney-client relationships with any individuals or entities. “Website Information” means all or any information or data in this website, in any attachment hereto, or through any link set forth herein, including but not limited to legal matters, legal decisions, case studies, articles, statements, blogs, ebooks, forms, questionnaires, podcasts, videos, and multimedia content, all of which is provided as a public service only; and We caution that prior results do not guarantee any future results or conclusions.

“Engagement” and “Engaged” mean that the Bop has entered into a mutually acceptable, fully executed engagement – documented via a signed letter with the subject person or entity for the representation stated therein.

No reliance or relationship based on information on this website. The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only.  It should not be interpreted as legal advice for any purpose or on any issue or subject.  You should always obtain the advice of an attorney in a proper jurisdiction.  No use of this website or Website Information will create an attorney-client relationship or other relationship of any nature between Bop and You.  You should not act or decide not to act in reliance on any Website Information; and You should not otherwise rely on Website Information for any purpose.

Neither Your transmission or receipt of Website Information nor Your email communication with Us will be deemed to establish, and does not establish, a client relationship or other relationship of any nature between the Bop and You or the Bop and any other person or entity.  An Engagement is necessary for such a relationship to be in effect.

Website Information is intended to give only general information on developments covered.  It may not reflect current legal decisions, statutes, regulations, or developments.  It is not meant as a comprehensive treatment of developments in the law or an exhaustive analysis of subjects covered, or to render any legal opinion.

Communications not confidential or privileged. Email or other communication (through this website or otherwise) with the Bop relating to any matter in which We do not already have Engagement with You will not be treated as privileged or confidential.  Such information may be used to market Our services to You. Our receipt of unsolicited statements, information, or documents of a confidential nature will not disqualify Us from representing any other person or entity to which such information, statements, or documents may relate, unless We are Engaged.  We have no duty, and expressly disclaim any duty, to maintain the confidentiality of such statements, information, or documents until such time as We are Engaged.  If we are Engaged, You will then be Our client, and You and We may exchange information on a confidential basis.

Limitations regarding links contained in this website. Certain links in this website may direct You to resources on servers that are maintained by third parties and over which We do not have control.  We therefore make no warranty or representation regarding the content, accuracy, or any other aspect of the resources or information contained on such third-party servers.  We expressly disclaim any liability therefor.  Access to such links is at Your sole risk.  Further, We do not intend though any Website Information to provide any endorsement or recognition of any third party.

IRS Circular 230 notice.  For purposes of complying with certain requirements of the Internal Revenue Service, We hereby inform You that any U.S. tax advice that You may deem to be set forth in the Website Information may not be relied upon by You or any other party for avoiding penalties set forth in the Internal Revenue Code or for promoting, marketing, or recommending any party or matter to which Website Information may refer.

Jurisdictions in which We are licensed. Our principal offices are at in Phoenix, Arizona.  Bop Services, LLC is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the state of Arizona.  Its member entities, if any, are limited liability companies organized under the laws of the state of Arizona. Certain mediators or staff may be licensed to practice law in a number of jurisdictions, those individuals are not authorized to practice law under Bop Services regardless of their legal license to practice. We do not seek to engage any person or entity arising from his, her, or its viewing this website in any state or jurisdiction in which the terms of this website may not be in compliance with relevant law and ethics requirements, or to represent any person or entity with regard to legal matters arising under the law of any state or country.

Copyright information. This website, the name Bop Services, LLC., Bop Mediation and any other names, and the logos used in this website are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other jurisdictions.  The marks may at anytime be a subject of a pending or granted application before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Individuals or other parties may own the copyrights in articles, blog postings, or other information they provide for the website.

Limited use by You. You may read all material and information on this website.  You may also print a copy of, or download an electronic version of, any part of this website and any Website Information solely for Your personal, noncommercial use, provided however that You are required to retain all copyright notices and service marks with such printed or downloaded part or Website Information.  You may not copy (in any medium) or download or use any part of this website or any Website Information for any other purpose.  You may not modify this website or any part hereof, or any Website Information.  Except as expressly set forth above, You do not have any other rights to use this Website or any Website Information or have any other rights of any nature in, related to, or arising from this website or any Website Information.  The inclusion of any Website Information in another work, whether in printed, electronic, or other form, or in any medium, or the inclusion of any Website Information in any other website through linking, framing, or other technique, is prohibited, unless you have Our prior written consent to that specific inclusion.

Last Revision Date: January, 2023.