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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about BOP services?
Who is this service for?
Our experience allows us to work with partners going through a divorce or businesses looking to resolve disputes cutting into their bottom line. Therefore, if you’re wondering how shared custody is going to work for your family, who’s going to get the kids for the holidays, or what’s going to work for you and a fellow business partner going forward, Bop Services is here to help you advocate for what you want.
What is the first step?
Getting started is easy, even if the conflict isn’t. Our website offers free resources to provide in-the-moment answers to some of your most frequently asked mediation questions. We also encourage you to contact our experienced staff to schedule a consultation. Schedule your Introductory Call today!
What does BOP Services cost?
When you come to Bop Services, we consider your unique situation and price your mediation sessions accordingly. However, our pricing is based on an hourly and hybrid fee structure. These pricing stipulations are for both our mediation and coaching services.
"Bop Services and their staff are truly one of a kind. I always felt they were looking out for our best interest as a family. I would highly recommend!"  
Christine E.
"We wanted to be fair to each other but didn’t know how to do it... It is about the business of the possible, and they are absolutely the best at creative solutions."  
Josh L.
"I referred her to some clients of mine and she was able to help them come up with the best possible solutions"  
Theo M.
"Going through a divorce is not easy, and it can be unexpectedly complicated. Bijal really made it as painless as possible. I hope you don’t need her services but if you do, she is the best."
Michelle M.
"BOP Services is the best. Bijal made us feel comfortable in even the most difficult of situations. I give my highest recommendation to BOP Services."
Hannah B.
"We were able to reach an amicable agreement and are now happily coparenting! I recommend BOP Services to anyone who needs mediation services."
"The team at Bop Services is elite. Their expertise is phenomenal and the process is private and smooth. Mediation is not always well-understood but the team at Bop really understands and executes."
Leigh B.

Mediation, Not Litigation

What if the life you have always wanted is possible, even in the wake of divorce? At BOP Services, we help couples construct divorce agreements that help them move on and move forward.

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