What Our Clients Have To Say

Though each case is different, our commitment to service is unwavering. See what former clients have to say about their experience working with us.

Working with Bop Services made my divorce as positive of experience as possible. I like to ask questions and whenever I needed more information or clarity they were very responsive and patiently explained everything. When we needed a special QDRO attorney, Bop Services was able to quickly connect us with several. We consulted with each and felt very comfortable and in control of the process. I know divorcing in court would have meant we didn’t have a lot of control. In the end, we definitely reached an agreement that made us both feel good about moving forward.

Sharon C.

I would recommend Bijal and Bop Services to absolutely anyone looking for divorce mediation. They are excellent at their work. The process was really smooth and there were tools to help us gather the information and documents to make the most of our mediation. I always felt I had plenty of the resources available to me. Access to experts especially certified divorce financial planners was really valuable. By doing our mediation with Bop Services, I know my ex and I saved a lot of money and TIME.

T. Roberts.

Bijal helped us through a very complicated divorce mediation. She stayed impartial, and neither of us felt she was taking sides. Bijal is super competent and guided us through the division of our business by providing great suggestions to help us through the tough spots. She is very knowledgeable and I can’t begin to put a price on her expertise. She saved us significant legal fees and what would have taken over a year in court was finished much faster.

Paulina R.

Bijal was always very kind in all interactions When consulting with other mediators I didn’t see kindness or respect as much as with Bop Services. Her team is great and she has A LOT of experts to help us with sticky issues. It made us both feel comfortable to know there were subject matter experts we could call on to help. She saved us tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. Highly recommend.

Antonia P.

Bijal has been amazing to work with. She is patient. And never made us feel like we were being rushed when making decisions. Getting a divorce is brutal but Bijal definitely made the process much much better!

D. Nguyen

If I had to choose a few words to describe Bijal it would be very fair, responsive and honest. She was really fair with both sides and was always available to help with any questions or concerns. My ex and I had a lot of questions and she was always responsive. This is a really emotional process, but she made it much more manageable. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

T. Mitchell

Every divorce is difficult. Going to court is scary and stressful and expensive. When my ex-husband and I decided it was time to divorce, we wanted to make sure we got the best value for our time and money from our mediator. I called several mediation offices and law offices. Bop Services was by far the most helpful and quick to respond. They made the process as painless as possible. It was still tough, but definitely easier with their help.

Julia R.

Bijal was very helpful throughout the whole process. She answered all of our questions and got back to us quickly. Bop Services is very affordable especially compared to divorce lawyers. We saved time, money and stress. I suggest consulting with Bop Services, our experience was great.

R. Martin

The team at Bop Services provides only mediation services and their expertise shines! There are a lot of attorneys offering mediation services but they also offer other legal services like wills and trusts, or full litigation divorce. My ex and I wanted an EXPERT mediator who was totally focused on helping us solve our divorce issues outside of court. We absolutely got what we wanted. A true no-court divorce and Bjial is an expert mediator. We are both happy with the outcome and gladly recommend their services.

K. Thomas

Everyone at Bop Services is a total professional. They are diligent and prompt with information and responses to questions. Very skilled experts.

M. Evans

Bop Services was very professional and efficient in mediating my divorce. Unfortunately, I have been through divorce before and I can say without a doubt, Bijal has an incredible ability to patiently work through complicated situations. The best mediators have the right personality, legal knowledge and most importantly the desire for a fair and reasonable conclusion for all parties involved. Bijal and the team at Bop Services meet those criteria and more. Highly recommend.

T. Schmidt

My divorce was difficult due to the behavior of the other party. My ex owns a business and it was really hard for us to agree on what was best for the business and what was fair for us. We used Bop Services to work through the harder and more complicated issues. With Bijal’s help we did come to an agreement. Bop Services saved us thousands of dollars. Totally recommend mediating with Bop Services. They are the best. – Ivana K.g with Bop Services. They are the best.

Ivana K.